Welcome to the 2016 Season at Wateringbury.

Well here we are at the start of yet another year, the 31st playing season of Wateringbury Cricket Club and as in the years before we are very fortunate to have a dedicated core to the club, that enable us to look towards the next 31 years and beyond. Currently there is significant effort being put into how we can enhance the facilities and "playing experience" so watch this space....

A few items of news to make everyone aware of..... Firstly the nets!

Nets are arranged this winter at Maplesden Noakes school, Buckland road, Maidstone.

Subs remain at £50 for the year match fees also stay at £7 per game.

Adult Subs: £50   Students: £15    Colts: £15    This covers comprehensive insurance that the Club provides for players, equipment and the general public.

Match fees are now £7 for adult, £3 for student and again, FREE FOR COLTS!!